August 26, 2017

Testimonies from Holy Prophetic Fire Workshop:

Holy Prophetic Fire Conference was Fire!!! God move in a mighty way. God showed up and show off. There was an out pour of his glory. Supernatural portals were open. The heavens were open. God spoke and prayers were answered. If you miss it, you miss a divine encounter with God. Prophetic insight was revealed.  People were able to prophesy over their sisters. Dancers who have put away their banners and garments were ready to pick up their tools and their garments again. They were ready to dance the dances of heaven. Gifts were activated and God was exalted. This conference was a life changing event and Tyhisha is an inspirational woman of God.  Nakia R.~ Maryland

The glory of God was at the Holy Prophetic Fire Conference!  It was truly a blessing to experience the fire in that place!  I was stretched to move out of my comfort zone and experienced God in a new way.  I also witnessed others draw closer to God.  So glad to have been apart of the conference.  You have to make to make sure you are present at the next one!  Chauntia C. ~ Maryland

My dear Dr. Tyhisha Paden… I thank God for your obedient heart in putting together the Holy Prophetic Fire Workshop Encounter. God wanted me to be there to receive a confirmation relating to my life and my Worship Ministry to HIM. While attending to the teaching l was so encouraged because basically was confirming that all that I Iearned was being applied to my personal worship. While we we’re ministering to each other l felt the whisper from the Holy Spirit saying “all these ladies attending today have been hand-picked by Me” When I received a word last year that I was prophetic worshiper I did not identify myself with that I felt like I needed to learn much more to tap into that… But on Saturday I just realized that this was my calling because I identified myself with the teaching including the perspective of flagging from Prophet Karen Simmons. When I received my Impartation from the Lord I was overwhelmed with the word of restoration in my family and that the enemy was exposed relating to some people around me that don’t want me to succeed but to fail so that they can hold on to me. The yoke has been broken… I’m Free and I am embracing my calling. It was a powerful workshop encounter and l was blessed to be part of it. God bless your heart my dear Sister Tyhisha.  Tania Ribeiro~New Jersey

The Holy Prophetic Fire conference was a powerfully anointed time in God’s presence. The Holy Spirit swept through the sanctuary and met every person there in a personal way. I came in seeking God’s direction for this new season that I am in and left the conference with a renewed sense of purpose. God’s refining fire burned off some things that had been hindering me from moving forward and strengthened me to continue to press towards the mark of the high calling on my life. To God Be The Glory!!!!! Thank you Tyhisha for your commitment and obedience!  Stephanie Denise~ New York

Blessings Tyhisha!

I pray this email finds you well and victorious! =)

I wanted to forward you the link to the online gallery of the images from the Conference. I know I was simply photographing the conference, but BOY!, was that event a powerful one! My goodness! The presence of the Lord was so thick and tangible. I tried so many times to hold back the tears because it was such a beautiful time in the presence of the Lord. Thank you for all that you do. I pray God’s continued blessings over your life and your ministry.  Diana R.~ New York



Testimonies from My Soul Longs for You Conference:

I attended the 2017 Prophetic Dance Workshop here in Pensacola, and it impacted my spirit, soul, and body. From the time that I walked through the doors I began to realize how much the calling of my life for dance had to come in fruition. For two years now I’ve been physically challenged, and attacked.

 At first I didn’t know how I was going to get through the day because of a car accident that had caused me to have a cervical injury. Plus, having ACL repair surgery in October have me very cautious in movement.  Although these things have been a thorn in my flesh, I’ve persevered trying to faithfully regain the mindset of a dancer. The dancer that I know God has anointed me as. He allowed me to be humbled during this process, so attending the conference I didn’t know what to expect.

The spirit of excellence that I saw in the two leading ladies were what I’m used to, but the simplicity of ministry was something all that attended could learn from. The anointing that rest on Tyhisha Paden, and Karen Simmons is definitely sent by the Lord.

As the conference started the spirit of the Lord began to deal with me in my life. I began to open up more, and more. As the ladies did the different activities I began to allow God to minister to me as in past times. Seeing the freshness of the Lord activate a renewed likeness of His glory over me. Even with the impartation session the ladies ministered to my spirit things that the Lord had been dealing with me on.

Although I had to leave before it ended going to dance practice I left there changed. When I arrived there was the evidence, and residue of the conference in me. It was so impacting that I began to speak faith over the lives of those that were around me. I definitely will be attending another conference as the Lord provide because it is vital to my dance ministry for the advancement of the Kingdom.
Thanks for the ministry!!!!
Kimberly- Florida

I recently attended My Soul Longs for You Conference with Dr. Tyhisha Paden and Karen Simmons. I have been on a several year journey with God leading me into flag/dance ministry.  This weekend was filled with excellent teaching and answered the questions for me about what this ministry is and how to worship God and minister to others through flags/dance.

 I received person ministry and well as a corporate release at this conference.  This was a day packed full of wisdom and demonstration for anyone seeking more of God and His Glory..I had a goal to receive wisdom and teaching and I came away with that and much more. Confirmation and many new sisters in the Lord..” 
Darla- Georgia

The conference help me to become lost in my worship. God shifted my comfort zone. He let me see some things through spiritual eyes. It was not based on Perfection but willingness. I was a vessel being used by God to speak to my sisters. Empowered my walk with God.
 Yolanda- Alabama

Dr. Tyhisha Paden and Karen Simmons and the ministry of dance and flag that they carry is such an powerful anointing. My husband and myself attended My Soul Longs For You Prophetic Dance Encounter #2017 Pensacola Florida we were tremendously blessed gain so much more wisdom and knowledge and training in the arts ministry it gave us a push to keep pressing forward in all that God has called us to. Be Bless”






Testimonies from Wind Blow Fire Fall Dance Conference:

Blessings Tyhisha,

I just wanted to share our testimony at the Wind Blow, Fire Fall workshop in Lawrenceville, Ga 2016.

I’d like to thank you for your hard work and dedication. God definitely has called you to minister and teach his people.

As the dance ministry leader of my church it was astounding to see 5 & 6 years old girls dance and be in the mere presence of our Lord. It was such a blessing to their lives and also to their families.

I still keep getting testimonies from parents that didn’t even attend the workshop but when they went to pick up their girls, they too received their portion. There were 2-3 moms that asked me personally if they could join the worship and ministering part of the workshop, they felt the presence of the Lord. I am certain that God will keep having encounters with my girls because their heart is where He wants it to be.

Thank you for allowing God to use you!
Minister Jenny J De Pena

We traveled to Lawrenceville, for a dance conference to get ideas for our newly formed dance ministry. What a GOD we serve! We received a powerful move of God on our behalf. This was a day ordained by the Father where each of us receive a different gift. There are four of us. One received the gift of speaking in tongues. A second received revelation about the things she has been prayer for. The third one learned how to conduct a dance conference. The fourth received prayers, new meanings for dance movements. What a blessing this day was.

St. James Christian Fellowship Church Adult Dance Ministry – Tina Bloodsaw, Maylonda Scott(maylondascott@gmail.com) Likeitha Watts, and Felisa Cooper

I have never in my life saw youth in a room worshipping like so. They were prophesying and worshipping God so much that I couldn’t do no nothing but cry and say Thanks for all He was allowing me to experience! I appreciate the opportunity to be a witness to the never ending power of papa!!

Kim Cox

It was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!it was POWERFUL!! Even the children was on fire!! They were being filled! There was deliverance from the children to the adults! Abba met us in this place!!!!!!!! Ministry leaders were all working ON ONE ACCORD! #allhandsondeck

Nabiyah Baht Yehuda

Life changing! We will never be the same!

Erin Wilmer

I so enjoyed this work shop it was the most spiritual connection I’ve with God in a long time. The praise and worship, being taught to let go,n let God in. The kids moved me the pureness in a direct connection to God. Awesome time. Thank you.
This Praise workshop was AWESOME. I have never spoken in tongues before, and I was taught How to let God in. To see the children connect blew my mind. It empowers me to teach the youth in my church. I was moved spiritual and with change in walk to holiness. . you are a blessed women to witness how you allowed the connection from God Spirit to open so many women and children..

Thank you,

Thank you for a spirit filled day. God Bless your Ministry, I have experienced first’s today Powerful Powerful. Prophetically spoke today. Danced. Prayed for hours. Thank you Jesus.

Debbie Pringle

I have attended many dance conferences but there has never been one like the workshop. The presence of God was tangible and I was blessed beyond measure. The prophetic word was encouraging and to the point. I was truly blessed. His presence was evident and we soaked in it. Thanks Minister Tyhisha.

Mery Kioko

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