Weapons of Warfare/Movements of Breakthrough – DVD – Powerful!



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Weapons of Warfare/Movements of Breakthrough – DVD – Powerful! Product Description:

This is the high quality video about which many have been asking!

Do you want some movement ideas for warfare?

Then this video is for you…

It contains 4 main topics:


Hebrew words describing the power of movement…


Dance moves related to certain scriptures…


Power packed movements that ‘kick it up’ a level!


Group doing powerful warfare movements…

  • Learn the importance of the power of movement from scripture
  • Enhance your worship/intercession times
  • Incorporate these movements in dance team rehearsals

Your praise dancing will surely ‘pack a punch’!!

Total running time: 54 minutes.

Order yours today!! 

Weapons Of Warfare DVD Comments: 

Lynn, you are such a blessing to me! I am so thankful I found your DVD’s online. As a matter of fact, we just bought a house – praise the Lord – in Hawaii – and we had to fight for it every step of the way. One day, the kids and I came home and put on your warfare DVD. I decided we would use the tools of dance, and I told the kids, we are dancing…..do you want the house? We are doing warfare and we did intercession – all 4 of us! In about 2 hours, the call came that they were accepting our offer (long story). I am so glad that I can learn and grow even more right at home. I feel freer watching your teaching DVD’s.

This video is great for intercession, (Hebrew) word knowledge and the power of movement.  

The words of God are powerful. Knowing what each word means in movement or praise is so beneficial because you are more armored for the war ahead.   

I enjoyed the way the words were spoken to make the correct pronunciation of the word and both the scriptures that related to the word being spoken in Hebrew and the visuals on the DVD.  

I was inspired to know more of the word of God and learn how teach others the information as it is so needed for intercession.  I liked all the Hebrew words but the ones that ministered to me were Cabab because the video helped me to remember to encompass the walls in my own life until they come down.  Chul– I had experienced travailing and giving birth in the spirit but I had no idea there was a Hebrew word. Ealaz– I love to rejoice in the spirit and I learned how to warfare offensively to be triumphant. 

The scripture movement segment of the DVD was enlightening and creative.  Again, I learned that many of the movements I’ve done in the past were linked to scriptures which is another empowering tool.  I liked lifting my hands up and down Psalm 8:2 and using my hands as a sword. The workout/warfare segment was very invigorating for the mind, spirit and body. I own the corresponding CD, “Having Done All” (for the group exercises done), which makes it easier for me to remember the moves with more ease.

Finally I benefited greatly from this DVD because I got to use my body by using the learned word movements, war on the enemy, armor myself and feel great because I’m doing several things to strengthen my knowledge on worship for the Lord. All this equipping will be for the better of others and those the Lord uses as his end time army.