Daina Angel – Perfected Praise
I attended the first teleconference call.  It was awesomely powerful!  Tyhisha is an awesome woman of God, full of His anointing and equipped to teach and impart God’s Word – truth with great compassion and encouragement!  I Strongly encourage all to join her!

Gina Vilsaint
It was awesome Tyhisha Paden!   You are really walking in your calling and inspiring others to do the same.   May God continue to bless you!

Danyel Hill
I was on the teleconference call. To God be the Glory for the things he have done and will continue to do, in and through you. Thank you so much for sharing your GIFT!

Jennifer Boddie
The call you gave has been powerful!!!

Amy Tang
Just today was able to listen to the first part of your teaching on creating a community dance ministry. It is fantastic – so dense with great teaching, clearly rooted in your own experience, a great combination of practical wisdom and spiritual leadership. Thank you!