Prophetic Dance – DVD

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Prophetic Dance – DVD Product Description:


  • Proclamation with Flags
  • Dance Ministry Demonstrations
  • Interpretation Of Music – Spontaneous Drama
  • Dance Talk Time
  • Word Spoken with Interpretive Dance
  • Movement to the Word of God
  • Activations or practice

And More…
This video/DVD is all about ministry through dance. Not only will you learn all these concepts, but you’ll sense God’s anointed presence and receive ministry for yourself.

Enter in – get involved – have a candid talk time with Pastor Lynn about this cutting edge subject. Elevate your worship dance to a whole new level.

Add this to your basket now! You’ll absolutely love this one.

Here’s what some have said about this product:

This DVD is a great resource for laying a solid foundation for ministering in prophetic dance.  It is full of demonstrations, tips, and wisdom so that it can be well received by the individual or audience and by leadership.   I know I received some healing in my heart just from watching! – Kim

Hi Lynn, I just wanted to let you know that I received 2 dvd’s I ordered a few weeks ago. I felt compelled to write to extend my gratitude and joy at having seen the “Prophetic Dance” DVD.
It has blessed me (and even my husband) so much. We watched the material and were both touched and overwhelmed by the different styles of prophetic dance and examples you used on the DVD. I am very excited about what God is doing in the areas of prophecy and dance. Even though I am all the way over here in Australia, you have blessed me so much through the material in your DVD’s and your website. Continue the great work you are doing. God bless you
Lots of love, Jessica

Sis Hayden, I took from your Prophetic Dance teaching in learning how to express or to activate this gift that I didn’t know I had.  I thought it was an age thing that I would not be able to transform into something that was truly awesome.  It set me free to this beautiful way to minister (not perform) but just show his love in gesture and movement that I indeed could feel God’s presence. I’ll continue to keep you in prayer, until one day we can meet.  God’s Love is Everywhere and so many now appreciate what I am doing. Yours in Christ Jesus, Nellie

Prophetic Dance DVD is greatly about ministering through the word, heart of the Lord and movement.  The DVD was guide that helped me to remember to use wisdom within the gift.  For instance, the timing, use of space and how to minister to others when appropriate and the use of tools such as flags. I appreciated the way the DVD is broken up in topics and activation exercises.   I value learning how to explain to someone the difference between “Performance” and “Ministering”.  Raquel – NY

Be sure to also get the Prophetic Dance Book!

Total Running Time 57 minutes