Poles and Accessories

We do not sell poles separately but we do offer the poles at our cost with a purchase of a flag.   Our cost for the pole is $10.00 and will sell them to you at this price.

There are a few of our smaller flags that a fiberglass pole is included in the cost of the flag.   This will be will be indicated along with the price.

We offer two types of poles.  The one that is sometimes included in the price on some of the smaller flags is made of fiberglass, with a rubberized handle and wooden balls at either end.   This pole extends 6 inches beyond the width of the flag.  The flag is permanently attached to the pole.

$10.00 Short Fiberglass Pole

fiberglass-pole-full-res fiberglass-pole-handle-res

$10.00 Telescoping Pole

The other pole available for purchase is the telescoping pole.  This pole can be left the full length which is approximately  3 to 4  feet longer than the width of the flag or it can be custom cut to any desired length. This pole is extremely light weight.   The flag can be removed for travel and an extra ball is attached in case one is lost.  These balls are specially drilled with a tapered hole to fit on the end of the pole.

 telescoping-pole-full-res telescoping-pole-tall-res


$20.00 – Flag Quiver


These quivers are stretchy, treated to be quiver-reswater quiver-Keith-resresistant, offers protection from weather and dirt and allows your hands to be free for ease of travel. The quiver can hold up to 8 flags.