Pilates – Basic – Preliminary – Alternative – DVD



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Pilates – Basic – Preliminary – Alternative – DVD Product Description:

Here is a video/DVD that you’ll definitely want to strengthen your body for worship dance (or any physical activity)! The benefits are wonderful and numerous. To name a few:

  • “The controlled breathing purifies the body, reduces stress and builds endurance.
  • Core strength is one of the most important benefits of doing Pilates exercise, 
    because all movement emanates from the core. If the core is strong, the appendages can move without undue stress on the spine.
  • A strong core also helps to improve balance and coordination.
  • Pilates helps to strengthen opposing muscle groups. This leads to overall improved flexibility. The whole body functions more efficiently.
  • Pilate’s exercises also improve kinesthetic awareness, which helps a person to know where their body is in space.
  • Spatial awareness and core control help to improve the performance of everyday activities, prevent injuries and facilitate rehabilitation.” 1

Part 1 shows Lynn coaching one of her students through the 18 basic exercises. These are the most basic introductory moves to give you a solid foundation with proper technique. Let Lynn be your own personal trainer by doing this express workout 3-4X/week!

Part 2 shows Lynn demonstrating the proper form and modifications of the same 18 exercises. She breaks it down, shows the do’s and don’ts as well as proper breathing and body alignment. Be sure to watch part 2 a couple of times before attempting Part 1. Lynn calls this section Preliminary Pilates (Form & Modifications) and refers to it in the beginning of the video/DVD and in the beginning of Part 2.

This entire 52 minute video/DVD is a beginner routine that will establish you with a “firm” foundation. Order your copy today and start feeling great!

People who like this, also love the “Stretch And Adoration” video/DVD, to improve flexibility. 

Also, get Pilates I Alternative for the next level workout!

“The Pilates DVD is an excellent resource and alternative for fitness improvement.  This DVD is especially helpful for those, like me, who are just beginning this form of exercise.  The DVD explains very clearly how to do each exercise and offers the modifications for any need adjustment as I progress and increase my stamina. I love this DVD.” Michelle – Kileen, TX

This DVD was really good for my body. This is a more challenging DVD; however, I would recommend it for any fitness level. This DVD will help me achieve great results because I can take small steps toward achieving the forms demonstrated.  I enjoyed many of the floor movements and I felt mentally better because I knew this workout is good for my body. I also liked the core exercises as a major point of concentration. This segment of the workout during the DFH conference was so funny because half of the room couldn’t keep up with Lynn. I watched with amazement as Lynn encouraged us to keep up and stated she was just getting warmed up!!! Overall this is a very sound training tool for the body. Raquel – NY 

1. Pilates The Fundamentals Workbook – NDEITA a National Fitness Training Assoc. – 5955 Golden Valley Rd. Minneapolis, MN 55422