Perfume of Fire – Flags and Dance – DVD



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Perfume of Fire – Flags and Dance – DVD Product Description:

You’ll absolutely love this DVD!!

It is full of 1 Hour and 58 minutes of flag ideas as well as an entire processional/ministry dance. 

The Flag portion has lots of creative ideas that you can do with flags including an entire expressive vocabulary!

The dance is repeated several times from different angles, so you’re sure to get the whole thing. It can be done to any slow 4/4 time music and is perfect for Easter/Christmas productions. 

Order yours today!!

People who like this, also like the Processionals, Props, and Pageantry book that goes hand in hand with this video.

For even more ideas, be sure to get the Billow Cloth Beauty and Expressive Worship and Sign II DVD’s, as they will expand your prop use vocabulary.


 “This is an awesome DVD. The use of the flags & instruction is easy to follow. The sound is also very clear. This video has ideas for all levels of The Flag Ministry. I also enjoy how Lynn explains from her Processionals book, the use of Flags Biblically”. Sue – Mathis, Texas


 “This DVD is FULL of so much information in relation to the use of Flags in worship.  I so appreciate Pastor Lynn taking the time to educate about why flags are appropriate for worship and the scriptural significance behind the various types of flags and banners. I learned so much!  I have personally learned and trained with flags through Shachach Ministries, but I hadn’t seen flag worship presentation quite like this before.  The DVD includes a lot of creative worship presentation ideas. Pastor Lynn goes over various Flag worship movements, such as Honor, Spirit, King, Worthy, Heaven, etc.  With each movement she also demonstrates a variation of each movement and how to use the movements expressively in worship dance alone, in groups, and corporately.


Group shapes, succession, warfare, banners, and much more are demonstrated.  Each concept is explained and then demonstrated with a team of participants from a conference.  The creativity that is displayed is so unique and helps the viewer build more and more ideas for use with their own dance ministries.  


At the end of the DVD Pastor Lynn teaches a dance to He is Holy.  What is so neat in viewing this dance instruction is she teaches the flag and processional portion, as well as, the dance portion.  You are then given the opportunity to watch it all come together beautifully.  You are also given the viewpoint of the dance from various angles, which is a great way to make sure you are able to appreciate how the dance would appear to different people depending on where they may be seated in the congregation or ministry venue.


This DVD is really anointed and fun to watch and learn with.  Her Processionals, Props, and Pageantry book is a nice complement to this DVD.” Reyna – PA