Pazaz – Praise with Hip Hop Jazz – DVD



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Pazaz – Praise with Hip Hop Jazz – DVD Product Description:

Pazaz – Praise with Hip Hop/Jazz – DVD

PAZAZ – (Made Strong; Leaping) To spring as if separating the limbs, like leaing; to bound; to be light and agile; to be made strong; to solidify, as if by refining.

II Samuel 6:16: And as the ark of the Lord came into the city of David, Michal Saul’s daughter looked through a window, and saw king David leaping and dancing before the Lord; and she despised him in her heart.

When we have a heart like David, we can dance joyfully before the Lord. Once we have a revelation of the many, many words in the Word about movement, we’ll want to keep on dancing before Him!

This DVD is designed for dancers and non dancers to learn some basic Jazz and Hip Hop moves to teach the youth or young at heart. Although Pastor Lynn at nearly 52 years of age, does not demonstrate spinning on her head, she (with over 43 years of dance experience) demonstrates a professionally choreographed Jazz/Hip Hop dance, full of fun, reproducable moves.

First, the entire dance is demonstrated with a group from a small workshop.

Then Pastor Lynn goes over every move, step and nuance slowly and succinctly so everyone can easily learn. She has an easy to follow – easy to learn teaching style that will encourage even the non-dancer to move. While she is teaching, she demonstrates with her back to you, so you can follow right along. Then she turns around and shows you what that part is supposed to look like. Her slow repetitious teaching style makes it very easy to learn.

Then Pastor Lynn demonstrates the entire dance by herself, so it is easier to see.

Finally, she teaches the optional flag portion of the dance. The flags may be included in the back on the sides or not at all. The flag part may also be done without flags, for people who would like to participate, but may not be up to the faster pace dancing.

The entire DVD is sure to encourage anyone who wants to have fun and dance like David did!

Pastor Lynn highly recommends buying the Dance, Dance, Dance book to have a scriptural reference to dance found in the Word. This type of dance is a little different from her norm of ministering directly to the congregation, so when this type of ‘fun’ dancing is done for the Lord, it is important to have a scriptural understanding of what is happening in the Heavenlies.

The song used for this dance is called “Power Of His Might”.

You’ll LOVE this DVD!! Order it today!!

47 minutes