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Modern Dance I – DVD Product Description:

This brand new Modern Dance I/Movement Vocabulary DVD is designed for the beginner with little or no dance experience. Professionally edited, this is great for the worshipper who wants some basic body movement ideas learned through modern/contemporary dance.

With a foundation in Martha Graham technique, Lynn, with over 43 years dance experience, has developed her own worship style that will enhance your choreography ideas. Once you practice some of this basic movement vocabulary, you’ll be well on your way to having the necessary tools for creating your own dances!

You won’t have to try and find an adult modern dance class in your city. This class can be taken right in your living room or with your dance team in a fellowship hall, and is easy to learn, follow, and flow.

It is designed so you may select any of the numerous chapters. There is a teaching segment for each exercise. Once you have watched, listened and understood the instructions, you may simply click right to the exercises, giving you a great workout and established movement vocabulary.

The second part of the DVD includes a beautiful worship dance done to a song called, “Wash Me.”  This dance, of course, may be modified to any number of worshipers, includes the creative use of billow cloths, and is fairly easy to do. The steps are broken down with “from the back” teaching for easy learning. The whole dance is shown twice. The billow cloths chosen have scriptural, corresponding color significance. I encourage you to get the Processionals, Props and Pageantry book for more in depth study.

It contains:

  • Basic Body Warm-Up
  • Floor Stretches
  • Abdominal Work (Contractions)
  • Spiral Series Introduction
  • Triplet Introduction
  • Across The Floor Technique
  • Worship Reverance
  • Wash Me Dance

(1 Hr. 45 Min.)

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   I have to say since starting this class that I have incorporated many of the techniques and exercises in my worship times, dance team practice times, choreographed dances and even my spontaneous and prophetic dances. there are even some things that I learned from the Modern dance 1 DVD that I have wanted to learn for a long time, especially the warm-up session, hip joint opener, suspension, and the arm movement exercises. Also, I have really enjoyed being able to learn everything all in the comfort of my own home, it has been a real blessing.
  Although, I would have to say, there is so much more than just learning the techniques, stretches, and dances from this DVD, this video is so anointed that the power of God just radiates through it! I believe its one thing to take a modern dance class in the world but its amazingly awesome to learn from a class that is very anointed and running over with Gods love and compassion. then at the end is an added bonus which is a beautifully anointed choreographed dance called “Wash Me” that is a well put together dance with lovely choreography directly from the throne room of God!!! this dance is broken down step by step so anyone can use it, my favorite part is the billows.
  All of these exercises and techniques really caught my attention at the conferences and now that I have the DVD’s I can really put everything into practice and learn! This DVD is a very vital tool in a worshippers collection, it will definitely give you foundational teaching for life! Annie – Toccoa, GA