Our Program

Na’thar Dance Ministries Training Program is a non denominational, spirit-filled, sound, biblically based online training program designed to provide you with the knowledge and skills to minister effectively as a minister of dance.

Na’thar Dance Ministries Training  offers an eight-month mentoring program for those that desire to grow in their ministry of dance.  In this program, you will be coached, guided, instructed and advised with regards to the ministry of dance to  allow you to grow to your maximum potential within an eight-month time period. This in-depth training program is for those that desire a deeper walk with the Lord Jesus Christ as a minister of dance.  It is for those that want to be able to minister from a deeper level of your heart and spirit to truly see the captives set free.

The goals of Na’thar Dance Ministries Training Program:

  • Enhance your relationship with the Lord and learn more about yourself.
  • Enable you to grow personally and build confidence in your ability to effectively minister in dance.
  • Prepare the novice dance minister to go forth in dance ministry.
  • Serve as a refresher course for those that have been away from the dance ministry and feel the Lord calling you back into this area of ministry.
  • Provide training for those that are in the dance ministry but have a desire to continue to learn and grow to refine their gift.
  • Assist you in learning movement vocabulary.

Stretched to move in power with the gifts of the spirit as a minister of dance.

Provide a solid foundation of the ministry of dance.


                 Master Certificate Program

                   [8 month – program]

                         Licensure Program

                           [Year 2 – program]