You will read about a sampling of this unique ministry through some of the resources related to Artistic Ministry. Indeed, there is an art to ministering in an atmosphere of worship. It requires biblical direction, ministerial creativity, and movement vocabulary. In these praise dance DVD’s, produced by Pastor Lynn Hayden, you will find a myriad of works for establishing your ministry of worship dance individually and as a team. Not only will you be encouraged in doing things decently and in order, but you will be gifted with skills to demonstrate more than a semblance of the riches of God’s glory with significance, practicality, creativity and color.

Through these worship dance videos, you will learn the core principles and practice of dance composition, dance technique, fitness and choreography. In the process, you will strengthen your movement vocabulary as well a your ability to transfer ‘divine inspirations’ into worship dances that move the hearts of people towards the Lord. We encourage you to read the product descriptions and ask the Lord which resources He desires you to have. Order today! We ship immediately.

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