Na'thar Dance Ministries

Thank you for your interest in Dance Ministers Advance!

In this 6 week program I am going to personally teach you how to develop a successful dance and flag ministry.

You are going to receive personal instruction from me for 6 weeks on how to build a successful dance ministry so you can walk in the calling God has for you and build a strong community of dancers to impact the kingdom.

On top of getting 6 weeks of coaching from me during the course of the 6 week, you will be connecting with other dance ministers where you can network, brainstorm, develop great ministry relationships and have a great of support as you go forward.

Experience opportunities to participate in practical application with activation exercises of what you’re learning. You will be able to use what you’re learning in your dance ministries.

What you will get!!

Live 6 week program

(4) 1 hour group coaching sessions with Dr. Tyhisha Fashipe where I will help you learn and strengthen your foundation to have a strong powerful dance ministry.

Private community page were you will have the opportunity to ask me questions so you can get live feed back from me as well as build your dance network.

You will have opportunities for real time feedback from me.


When does Dance Minister Advance Course Start and End?

The program starts December 1 st , 2019 to January 12, 2019.

Testimonials from Previous Students

“The Nathar Online Intensive course taught me how to minister with purpose. I learned a
lot about myself, my ministry, and how to effectively minister the Father’s heart, which is
the true meaning of ministering in dance. I learned that, dancers are called to be
intercessors. We are to pray about every assignment the Lord calls us to. The books
were great teaching tools, that helped me learn more about God, His purpose for my
life, and my dance ministry. The homework, activation activities and assignments
helped me to grow in my giftings. Dr. Tyhisha, is an anointed woman of God. Her
students were encouraged to listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We were groomed
to grow to become dance ministers for the Kingdom. My view of dance ministry has
changed. Yes, I recommend this Online Intensive class to everyone who wants to grow
deeper in their dance ministry. And to the novice dancer just learning.”
 ~ LaVerne Joseph

“I have learned so much in this dance ministry program. Dr. Tyhisha has shared so
much wisdom and encouragement. First and foremost my prayer life has grown
exceedingly and abundantly farther than I could have imagined. I have grown deeper in
God’s word. I have developed skills in servant leadership as a dance minister. She has
equipped me with understanding and knowledge of dance, flag ministry and prophetic
dance ministry. I have enjoyed this program immensely! Dr, Tyhisha has a true heart
for the dancers she mentors. She takes time out to pray with you, laugh with you and
share the joy of your accomplishments. I highly recommend this course to anyone who
is wanting to go deeper into their callings and giftings.” 
~ Laura Hamilton

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One time payment of $197

2 payments of $117 (biweekly)


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