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Dance In The Church, What’s The Pointe? – Book Product Description:

With regard to worship dance:

Would you like to understand better a dancer’s true motivation?

Would you like to have some insight to the congregation’s attitude?

You’ll certainly want this book!

This is a cutting edge resource that takes a straight forward look at practical answers to reasonable questions from Pastors, dancers, and congregations.

It reveals the heart of a pastor, the motivation of a dancer, and the judgment of a congregation. Some questions discussed are:

  • If I consider dance as a viable ministry in my church and let some dance, won’t I run the risk of losing some of my other parishioners?
  • Do I just want to perform for acceptance?
  • Praise Him with the Dance. Yeah, but now?

Discover, through heartfelt discussion, how we can be less likely to point a finger toward those who are pointing their toes, while finding out “What’s The Pointe?”

If you are a worship dancer and dance in church, you’ll love this book!!

Here is what one reader wrote about the book:

Pastor Lynn,

I read your book, “What’s the Pointe?” and I LOVED IT!.  It took me back to some past pains I had experienced and with your understanding, testimonies (some of which were so fun–the older lady who bumped her head on the edge of the pew),  I was able to see yet another side of those situations.

Every time I have to minister in dance, right before dancing, I usually have that mind vs. spirit struggle that you mentioned, because I know deep down that what is about to happen I can’t not do in my own strength.  I fully well know that if I go out in my own strength I will collapse…;p.  But, the moment that song strikes the first note, I’m enveloped in His Peace, I just forget that the world exists, and it’s just me and Him…Many blessings and thank you for writing that book…


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