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Called To Dance – DVD Product Description:

Are you called to dance for the Lord, but need some practical tips to help you get started?

Are you a dance leader and want some ideas about team concepts from someone who’s been there?

Are you on a dance team and have some questions about dancing before the Lord?

Then this DVD is for you!


Lynn Hayden has been dancing for nearly 50 years and candidly shares her life as a dancer – from her early beginning in dance, about performances, being called, how she got started in dance ministry and more…

Then she shares some valuable wisdom and lessons, combined with the fruit of the Spirit, from her Team Terrificus book, along with personal experiences that will help any worship dancer tremendously.

Finally, she answers some common questions that many praise dance ministers have, in a comfortable question and answer segment.

Glean from this pioneer’s wisdom and years of experience in dance ministry.


In addition to all the valuable information, there is a simple, easy to learn dance that is presented and taught. It is shown in several ways… broken down step by step, shown with the team without music while Lynn talks them through the dance, talking through with music and then shown with candles with a banner and music.

This dance can be done during any occasion and works well for an introduction to dance in a church or during a Christmas production or any time. It is so lovely and is especially good for a beginning team.

Running Time:  1 Hour and 47 Minutes

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