Mission Statement of Na’thar Dance Ministries

Na’thar Dance Ministries uses dance and prophetic creative expressions of art to set the captives free, bring salvation to the lost and bring healing and deliverance to those that are bound. Na’thar Dance Ministries is called to usher in His glorious presence through worship causing powerful heart transformations as well as releasing the spirit of revival through fresh encounters with the Lord through dance. Na’thar Dance Ministries ministers locally, nationally and at an international level teaching, training, and equipping worship/praise dancers through seminars, workshops and conferences.

The conference helped me to become lost in worship. God shifted my comfort zone.
He let me see some things through spiritual eyes. It was not based on

perfection but willingness. I was a vessel being used by God to speak
to my sisters. Empowered my walk with God.
Yolanda, Alabama
Life changing! We will never be the same!
Erin Wilmer